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Xinxim de Galinha, a Brazilian Odyssey

Xinxim de Galinha, Brazil's greatest classic that made an Odyssean journey from West Africa to North East Brazil by the Portuguese conquers during the 8th century.

A flavorful and delightful marriage of poultry and seafood, slow braised in tangy coconut broth and a hint of ginger, garlic, chili lime, coriander with carefully sourced palm oil.

If you like chicken satay, you will definitely fall in love with Xinxim. No wonder it was said to be the football legend Pele's favorite dish

For me, cooking is like riding a time machine, every dish or ingredient would take me back in time to re-live some preciouses moments. Some flavours brings me nostalgia, a unique memory from my childhood. One of my old times favorites is Xinxim, a traditional Afro-

Brazilian delicacy cooked in the region of Bahia.

Xinxim de Galinha recipe:

1kg - Chicken pieces or fillets

1ltr - Coconut milk

0.5ltr - chicken or vegetable broth

1tbsp - Ethically sourced palm oil

1 head - Garlic peeled

200gr - Ginger

1 - white onion

2 - sweet peppers

5 each - Mild chilli

5tbsp - Minced shrimps

Tiger prawns (optional)

1/4 bunch - Coriander

200gr - Crushed peanuts

150gr - Crushed cashew nuts

Juice of 3 limes

Salt and pepper to season

Green beans

Sliced orange

Pak choi (optional)


Place the coconut milk, shrimps, garlic, ginger, chilli, peanuts, cashew nuts, lime juice and coriander in food processor and whizz them until they turn into a smoothie.

Cut the onions and peppers into medium size cubes

In a non-sticky pan sear the chicken, peppers and onions with the palm oil. Keep turning while frying to brown them from all sides.

add the broth and let simmer for 10 min.

Add the coconut sauce from the food processor and let simmer with the chicken for 15 min and season with salt and pepper.

On the side, boil the green vegetables in salted water

Slice the orange


Arrange the chicken in a bowl plate.

Dress the chicken with the sauce.

Arrange the green vegetables and sliced orange.

Then....Enjoy :)

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